Outpatient Therapy

Welcome Home Counseling Services include individual, family, and group counseling addressing symptom management, coping strategies, substance abuse, family dynamics, physical effects of drugs, grief/loss, and how to sustain a successful recovery. Our consumer-focused, person-centered support services are provided by a licensed counselor targeting the identified goals of the participant.

For referrals, contact:
Ruthe Laurore, QDDP, LPC, NCC,
Office: 804-458-5500
E-mail: administration@welcomehomecs.org
Admission Criteria

  • Any consumer seeking counseling supports to address issues they are having difficulty managing and or who has been referred to services due to recent hospitalizations, crisis supports, and or other reasons as associated with maladaptive behaviors.
  • Consumer must be a willing participant in treatment and engage appropriately.
  • Consumer must not be presenting any symptoms requiring inpatient hospitalization such as: active psychosis, including hallucinations or delusional behavior, homicidal or suicidal ideation or severe self-injurious behavior requiring hospitalization or immediate medical attention.